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Client Reviews

“Jon Garver is extremely knowledgeable on the law and very strategic in his approach to litigation . . . He truly cares about his clients and fights for what is important to them. I feel like he was always looking out for my best interest and earned my respect and trust. I have never seen an attorney like him. Jon came highly recommended and is someone who I would strongly recommend to others.”
– S.C.

“In the beginning of this process, I was afraid of what my future would hold. You have surpassed my expectations with flying colors. You didn’t judge me as a criminal drug addict, but instead you viewed me as a person who made a mistake. As I have been going through this, not many people have been so kind . . . I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and kindness.”
– K. R.

” . . . thank you for your guidance, patience and support throughout my visitation case. Your time and effort was greatly appreciated. I will definitely be recommending your services.”
– D.E.

” . . . you are a class act. Your insight was priceless and your advice will stick with me forever. I was blessed to have you as my attorney and I’m glad I trusted the process . . . Thank you for being a great man of integrity.”
– C.E.

“You have no idea how much it means for me to have a genuine advocate on my side. I am forever grateful for the work you have done and continue to do on my behalf.”
– J. M.

“Thank you so much for redeeming my faith in attorneys.”
– D. R.

“Thank you again for your overwhelming support of my child’s best interest in the Supreme Court . . . Without your preparation and presentation of this case before the Supreme Court of Ohio, there would have been nothing left but sheer tragedy, and for this I am forever grateful to you . . .”
– M. B.

“This is just to say thank you. Many years ago you helped a young girl and her daughter. The daughter is now a pharmacist with three children of her own. You changed my life back then and gave me a beacon to follow in my life. I have tried to pay your kindness forward at every chance. Your help has never been forgotten and I am truly grateful.
– A. G.

“You are a great man and a wonderful attorney. Thank you for always being there to support me when I needed you. I respect and admire you very much for the way you have taken care of me and our family.”
– C. H.

“I received your letter regarding the outcome of my hearing. I was overcome with gratitude.”
– W. S.

“When I asked God for help, I wasn’t expecting such an awesome response.”
– J. A.

“It is hard to find the words to adequately tell you how much I appreciated your help during these past two and one-half years. You made my ordeal survivable and you encouraged me when I thought all was lost. I trusted you and your professional judgment and you did not disappoint me. You are everything a “first rate” lawyer should be and more. You have my respect and support. I can only say “thank you.” Your efforts enabled me to start over again and I am very grateful to you for all you have done.”
– M. S.

“I just wanted to thank you! You represented my daughter in her divorce. I’m pleased she chose you to represent her. Your advice to her, for her benefit, was truly appreciated.”
– D. N.

“It has been a very long journey. Thank you for not giving up the Battle. You fought a good fight on my behalf . . . for this, I will always hold you in high regard.”
– A. B.

“Un mensagie de sincero agradecimiento por su bondad.”
– J. Z.

“Congratulations on the fine effort you made on the G. O. restraining order. The hard work you did with preparation for the hearing was outstanding. The only thing out done by your overwhelming briefs is your talent in the courtroom. It takes a great attorney to have the judge favor us, when the odds all seem to be in the plaintiff’s favor. Thank you for a job well done and for the valued time you shared with G. O. giving him assurance during a time of turmoil.” K. M.

“Thank you very much for taking care of my dissolution. I am very pleased that it was so quick and trouble free.”
– D. H.

“Thank you for all the time and effort you spent on my relatively small case. I appreciate your first class treatment of my case, my father, and myself.”
– E. H.

“Thank you for your well-prepared representation. We appreciate your integrity for sticking with us when it appeared the case would be time-consuming with trial inevitable.”
– D. G.

“Thank you for all your work during my trying times. Not sure what I would have done without you.
– T. T.

“We are blessed to know you and have you as our lawyer. Thank you for your strong support.”
– B.

“Thank you so much Mr. Garver for all the work you did. Thanks to you, the outcome was positive. I’m very happy with the way you handled this case for me.”
– E. B.

“Thank you so much for your work. My very first impression [was], and still is, WOW !!!!!! You truly are the best, you are an animal at this. Thank you so much.”
– K. M.

“Thank you for all your help. Please send me a couple of cards. I will keep you in mind if I have a client in the Cleveland area looking for some legal advice.”
– C. A.

“I do thank you for always sticking by me and believing in me. It means a lot to have a great loving friend like you! I loved your opening statement. It was beautiful.”
– M. C.

” . . . all I can say is WOW and thank you!”
– J. W.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
– W. S.

“First and foremost, I want to thank you for doing a wonderful job on my supplemental brief. I really like it. Please excuse my language, but I think you’re one hell of a lawyer . . .”
– L. G.

“After the ordeal our family has been put through, it surely felt good to know that there are still people working under the law who truly care about the well-being of God’s children.”
– T. J.

“Thanks for getting this over with. I’m sure that they would have dragged this out if you hadn’t taken the action you took.”
– W. K.

“Words cannot express how I felt when I heard the good news regarding Chuck. You and I had talked about cautious optimism, which I had clung to. So when you called me, it was unbelievable.”
– M.T.

“Thanks to you, Chuck can see a future . . . Thanks for all you have done. You are my hero. Rest assured that when I need legal counsel, I will call you.”
– M. T.

“You were magnificent !!!!”
– J. P.

“Many, many thanks for your untiring help in settling our case. You did a great job.”
– V. S.

“Thank you for your legal brilliance.”
– M. B.

“A good feeling to have this finished up. Thanks for all your patience and help — and particularly your friendship . . .”
– J. W.

“Touch’e, Mr. Garver, you still have what it takes.”
– M. H.

“I am very pleased and impressed with the great job that you’ve done. You are the best lawyer I’ve had yet.”
– R. C.

“Once again, thank you for your representation. I feel you were exemplary in your service to me above and beyond the norm.”
– M. B.

“I just wanted to thank you yet again. A great weight has been lifted off our shoulders.”
– O. K.

“I truly appreciate the concern which you have shown me throughout this whole ordeal.”
– J. P.

“Much as I hate to admit it, you’re DAMN good . . .”
– K. R.

“Paul just telephoned and told us about the letter he received from you. That was good news and something I had been concerned about. I am so happy for the things you did for us. We will be forever grateful to you for your concern and your caring. It appears to me that you are more than an Attorney just handling cases, you put your heart and sole into your cases.”
– G. F.

“How can I ever repay you for all your time, effort and encouragement that you showed in representing me . . . I will be forever grateful to you for all that you have done.” L.

“My deepest thanks for your hard work and calming influence over the past five years. You never let me down.”
– B. L.

“Sincere appreciation for the services of Jonathan Garver. It was very reassuring to have a man of his character on my “team.”
– M. H.

“I appreciated very much being able to meet with you and receive your guidance regarding our situation with . . . In addition, your prompt reply to my faxed letter demonstrated to me your professionalism. It is a pleasure to meet people in business who have that desire to provide value to their customers.”
– D. R.

“You are a man among men. What you did, you didn’t have to do. The things you said to me came from your heart. . . . Once again, my heartfelt thanks.”
– H. C.

“I really appreciate all your help in starting my new life! I’m loving it!”
– C.B.

“Once again, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’re the best & I couldn’t have gone solo on this with the same results . . . Thank you for always keeping me focused on the matter at hand in a logical manner. I truly appreciate it.”
– K. K.

“Thank you very much for everything you did to help me with my case. It was very hard fought with the most desirable outcome.”
– S. R.

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hard work you’ve done for my family. I don’t know what we would have done without you. You’ve been such a blessing during this storm . . . You have listened and been such a comfort and support to us all. It’s such a comfort to know that there are people like you working within our judicial system. Intelligent, kind-hearted people who truly make the world a better place . . . I’m so thankful that we encountered you on this journey. God put you in our path. For once, I simply don’t have words to express my gratitude.”
– B. S.

“I wanted to thank you for your guidance, patience, and support . . . Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. I will definitely be recommending your services.”
– D. E.