Dedicated To Excellence In Criminal Defense

Praise From Other Attorneys

“You helped me so much a few months ago . . . My guy was walking on a rural road doing his post-surgical exercises when he was approached by Portage Co. Sheriff who demanded his ID, name, etc. My guy said, ‘I’m not doing anything wrong. Do I really have to give you this stuff?’

He was arrested for Obstructing Official Business for choosing not to provide the information.

You were so generous as to send me tons of cases supporting dismissal and gave me strategies in how to deal with the prosecutor. This morning was trial and after employing your suggestions, I convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the case. Client loves me and I feel great that for just a brief moment, justice was served . . .

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for helping this civil guy achieve victory in the criminal world.” G. G.

“I certainly congratulate you in that you did an outstanding job both in your brief and your oral argument.” Marshall I. Nurenberg (opposing counsel, always gracious, even in defeat).

“I just read an opinion from the Lorain County Court of Appeals. The one thing that was obvious to me as a lawyer who has admired you professionally for over 20 years is how well the appellant’s briefs must have been written.” W. S.

“Congratulations! You kicked my ass good!” M.M.